The Annual Dorado Shoot Out

Establish in 2005
Hosted by Capt. Kit Mc Near, this tournament offers some of the best fishing and prizes of any tournament in the East Cape.

One team will walk away with brand new Volkswagen Amarok 4x4 Pick Up Truck. This is a one day tournament. 
Largest dorado wins! There will be optional jackpots available of $200, 300, $500, and $1,000. Don't miss the biggest tournament in the East Cape. For tournament information contact Kit McNear at To make room reservations for the Dorado Shootout call 877-777-8862. TO SIGN UP ONLINE click here

Don't miss all the fun and excitement of the 13th annual Dorado Shoot Out. One Team will walk away with a BRAND NEW 4x4 Pickup Truck. Terrific Prizes to the top three teams that catch the largest Dorado. Great Drawing prizes of tackle, lures and return trips to the three Van Wormer Hotels! All participants will receive an event t-shirt and hat! Awards dinner on July 15th at Hotel Palmas de Cortez Please note that if you are not prepaid for entry or jackpots only cash will be accepted the week of the event.

Schedule of Events


July 10th - Teams can register for the Dorado Shoot Out Tournament in La Paz at Baja Mark from 6pm-8pm. Teams will be given their wristbands, rules and goodie bags, so there is no need to drive to the East Cape on July 14th. If you are not prepaid prior to arrival, we will only accept cash at registration.

Address: Allende 165 entre Revolucion y Madero, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico

Phone:+52 612 122 5175


July 12th - Teams can check in and register for the Dorado Shoot Out Tournament in Puerto Los Cabos at the Marina Office from 6pm-8pm. Teams will be given their wristbands, rules and goodie bags, so there is no need to drive to the East Cape on July 14th. If you are not prepaid prior to arrival, we will only accept cash at registration.

Phone: +1 52 624 105 6028


July 19th and 20th – Teams can register and check in for the 2017 Dorado Shoot Out Tournament at Hotel Palmas De Cortez in the convention center from 4pm-8pm. Teams will be given their wristbands, rules and goodie bags. Tournament director Kit McNear will be on hand to answer all your questions.


July 21st- 7:00am: Dorado Shoot Out shot gun start at Palmas De Cortez! Scale will be open at 1:00pm and will close at 4:00pm Sharp in front of Palmas De Cortez.


July 21st- 7:00pm: Awards dinner at Hotel Palmas de Cortez.

2018 Van Wormer Resorts

East Cape Dorado Shoot-Out


  1. Entrants that are under the age of 18 years must have written consent from their parent or legal guardian.


  1. There can be 4 anglers maximum plus 2 crew aboard a cruiser, and 3 anglers plus 1 crew aboard a super panga/skiff.


  1. It is the sole responsibility of the participating anglers to know and abide by the Shoot-Out (Tournament) rules. By entering the Shoot-Out they acknowledge such and agree to all rules.  If anglers do not attend check-in/sign-up on Friday, July 14, 2017 from 4pm - 8 pm at Hotel Palmas de Cortez they automatically accept and agree to be bound by all the rules.  Deadline for check-in/sign-up is Friday, July 20th, at 8pm, at Hotel Palmas De Cortez.


  1. Entry fee will be $500 per team until July 21, With optional cash jackpots of $200, $300, $500, and $1,000


  1. Each team must check in with tournament officials on Saturday, July 21, 2018 between 6:00am-7:00am. Each team will be given a team number which they must show the tournament officials prior to the flare start.  Tournament officials will be on a boat in front of hotel Palmas De Cortez.  The boat will be directly in front of the dock at Hotel Palmas De Cortez.  If a team does not check in prior to 7:00am, they will be disqualified from the tournament.


  1. Teams from La Paz and Cabo may register for the tournament the week prior to the event. Teams can sign up, enter jackpots, receive their wristbands and goodie bags at this time.  July 10th from 6pm-8pm at BajaMark in La Paz and July 12th from 6pm-8pm at the La Playita in Puerto Los Cabos.


  1. There will be a flare start Saturday, July 21, 2018 in front of Hotel Palmas de Cortez at approximately 7 a.m. Weigh-in will be at the Hotel Palmas de Cortez dock.  The scale will open at 1 p.m. and close at 4 p.m.  All boats planning to weigh-in fish must be inside  (shore side) of the anchored hotel boats in front of the Hotel Palmas de Cortez dock by 4 p.m. Boats returning after the 4 p.m. deadline will be disqualified.


  1. There is no restriction on when and how much bait can be obtained prior to the flare start.


  1. Any boat deemed operating in an unsafe manner will be disqualified from the Tournament.


  1. There are no fishing boundaries.


  1. There is no restriction on tackle that can be used other than fish must be taken on hook and line using rod and reel. More than one team member may fight the fish, and team members / crew may assist the angler by touching the main line at any time during the fight.


Prizes – The angler that catches the heaviest Dorado will win a new 2018 4x4 Volkswagen Amarok Pickup Truck (Subject to Change).  Prizes will also be awarded to the anglers that catch the second and third heaviest Dorado. There will also be prizes awarded for the largest tuna and wahoo.  In the event no Dorado are caught, the heaviest Wahoo will be the # 1 standby specie and Tuna the # 2 standby specie.


  1. It is the responsibility of the team to decide which fish to weigh prior to docking at Hotel Palmas de Cortez. Only one fish per boat will be weighed per species (dorado, tuna, wahoo).


  1. Between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 21, 2018, no vessel entered in the Tournament may be involved in handing off or receiving anything from another vessel whether that vessel is in the Tournament or not. The Tournament Director may choose to grant special permission to a team to waive this rule in the event that someone’s personal safety or health is at risk.  In the event that a boat is disabled, they must contact Tournament control on channel 23.  The team may be granted permission to bring their fish to the scale area on another boat prior to 4:00 p.m.


  1. The Tournament channel is 23 U.S.A.


  1. Mutilated fish will not be weighed in.


  1. In the event of a tie, the first fish weighed wins.


  1. Van Wormer Resorts reserves the right to deny any team or individual entry into the Tournament.


  1. All verbal protests and supporting evidence must be presented to the Tournament Director immediately upon returning to the weigh-in area, followed by a written protest no more that 30 minutes after the verbal protest. Said evidence will be ruled on by the Tournament Director by 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 21, 2018.


  1. Any and all winners agree to take a polygraph test in case a dispute arises. The tournament director reserves the right to polygraph any winners prior to awarding any prizes.  If a participant refuses to take a polygraph test, they will be automatically disqualified and will not be awarded any prize.


  1. Any verbal or physical abuse or threats from entrants toward Tournament Staff is cause for a team’s disqualification.


  1. The Tournament Director reserves the right to alter starting and finishing times to coincide with the weather.


  1. Teams that weigh-in fish cannot continue to fish.


  1. Wrist bands will be distributed to team members at sign-up/check-in and must be worn at all times. Additional wrist bands will be available for guests to attend the awards dinner for $20 each.  Entrants must wear wrist bands at awards dinner.


  1. In the event that the tournament is cancelled after registration has been completed on July 21st , all prizes will be raffled off including the grand prize and all jackpots will be refunded. The raffle will take place at the awards dinner the evening of July 21, 2018 weather permitting.


*Awards Dinner will be held at Hotel Palmas de Cortez, Saturday July 21st , at 7:00 p.m.




The heaviest Dorado weighed will win a brand new 2018 Volkswagen Amarok 4x4 pick up truck! 

Optional Cash Jackpots of $200, $300, $500 and $1,000 with an 85% payback.  Last year’s jackpots paid $126,480.00 USD.

Terrific prizes for the top three dorado weighed.

Great drawing prizes will be raffled off during the awards dinner.

Over $200,000 in cash and prizes will be up for grabs in this year’s tournament.


Call us at:

From the U.S.:  877-777-8862 or 818-224-4744

From Mexico: 01-800-836-2737 or 624-141-0044

Registration Online


Team Entry Fee: $500.00 (Maximum 4 Anglers Plus 2 Crew per cruisers / 3 Anglers plus 1 crew per super pangas).

All Teams must check in on July 19th or 20th 4pm-8pm in the convention center at Hotel Palmas De Cortez